Hope Africa University is uniquely placed as one of Burundi’s best private universities to provide high quality education, maximally impacting Burundi’s future. HAU believes that one of Africa’s greatest long term needs is for well educated, upstanding citizens. Its mission is “to train young Africans with appropriate professional skills and core values to be salt and light in their society.”

The students of HAU are expected to succeed and advance in their fields, and to change the world for the better wherever they go. With these goals in mind the university focuses on leadership and Christian enrichment. Every student takes introductory Bible courses and is expected to attend the six weekly chapels. HAU employs a full time chaplain, who counsels as well as preaching and organizing activities, and welcomes people of all faiths. This environment is one of acceptance and diversity, helping students to establish habits of acceptance and cooperation despite ethnic, cultural, and international differences. The liberal arts education itself leads this effort exposing students to a wide range of ideas and methods of doing things ranging from city planning to conflict resolution.

Although HAU has international support it is operationally independent from year to year. Tuition is kept at $1,500 a year for the normal student and there are many need based scholarships available, a vital component to a university education in Africa. Even with scholarships and relatively low tuition most students will be working while they study and classes and curriculum are designed with this in mind. Since the university was founded and is run by Africans, the needs and realities of a student in Africa are fully understood and the goal is to cater to these students, educating people in the way that is best in the African context.

Part of HAU’s educational mission is educating a new generation of doctors to fill Burundi’s desperate need for medical care. Hope Africa University partners with Kibuye Hope Hospital in the rural area outside of Gigeta to achieve this. Kibuye is a growing mission hospital, and the training ground for the doctors coming out of Hope Africa University’s stellar medical program. These doctors will enter the profession with both excellent training and extensive experience.

Hope Africa University is one of Burundi’s premier private universities, and one of only three Burundian medical schools. It is doing vital work for the people of Burundi, training dedicated, Christ-oriented educated professionals.

Invest in HAU and Burundi’s future.