There is more activity here on the rural hills of Burundi.  A two-level, 8,500 square feet, patient ward building will be built here at Kibuye Hope Hospital. This new building will provide space for forty-eight patients receiving internal medicine and surgery recovery care, increasing our total bed capacity to 148. This is obviously a huge increase for us, and this building represents a very large step forward towards our long-term vision for Kibuye.

The total cost for building and equipping this patient ward is estimated to be $680,000. As of right now $275,000 has already been given and we have a grant request for an additional $275,000 which is already process. With these two donations we still need $130,000 to construct and fully equip this building. Moving ahead in faith, we have begun preparing the site for construction to start. The site has been cleared and levelled, and digging for the foundation is beginning, moving ahead with a plan put together by Engineering Ministries International (EMI).

We at Kibuye Hope Hospital, in our role as the main teaching hospital for Hope Africa University, have a unique opportunity to shape the medical care of this region not only now, but for the next generation.

The hospital also provides clinical training for students of the university’s school of nursing and ministers to some 40,000 patients each year to its rural community. All of these programs make essential contributions to the fulfillment of Hope Africa University’s purpose to equip young Africans with professional skills and Christian values to bring lasting change to their communities. Last year 250 students from nine Africa countries (120 medical, 60 nursing and 70 other health related fields) received clinical training at KHH. By the time they graduate these students will be prepared to serve a part of the world where trained healthcare professionals are scarce, life expectancies are short and maternal and childhood death rates are among the highest in the world.

The patient ward building will be the catalyst for other major buildings to come and will set the standard for new and improved patient care for all future development of this Christian healthcare center. Additional beds for patient care are important as KHH grows but equally important will be consultation rooms and educational space within patient care areas to promote better clinical instruction to students.

Please consider partnering with us, with this hospital, and with the people of Burundi in this concrete step towards the improvement of the delivery of medical care, and the training of the next generation of doctors, nurses and other health care workers.