“Chapels at Hope Africa University often contain unpredictable (and wonderful) parts. Yesterday was no exception. The speaker spoke from Matt. 26, the first Lord’s Supper, on Jesus’ words “This is my blood of the new covenant” and the importance of all of us being in that covenant through Jesus Christ. Then the chaplain Jean Pierre walked to the center and began to sing “There is Power in the Blood,” in French. The song comes through strikingly in French where, roughly translated it says, “I am strong, strong, more than conqueror, by the blood of Jesus my Saviour,” He began softly, repeating that verse, then began to increase his volume and intensity, with his fists in the air, “I am strong, strong, more than conqueror!!, by the blood of Jesus my Savior.”

As others joined him the chapel service of hundreds of students were on their feet, fists in the air, singing “I am strong, strong, more than conqueror by the blood of Jesus my Savior!” I am sure they, as well as I, went about the rest of the day refreshed and affirmed, even inspired.

But that was not all the Lord wanted to do in that day. At the university we were entertaining an inspection team from the Interuniversity Council of East Africa.

As we were in discussion the Academic Secretary came in and, with no comment, presented me with a document folder. I opened it and, inside, was a copy of the ordonnance from the Ministry of Higher Education, just received, approving five of our key programs–the MD degree and five Masters programs–Theology, Education, Master of Science in Nursing and the MBA. This document is the fruit of months of work and prayers. As I shared it with the inspection team and our staff who were present they broke out into applause and said we must arrange a celebration (which we will do). This achievement has far-reaching implications for our graduates, our students, for the public image and the future of the university. Further, it represents the signal blessing of God on this institution. We give him all praise! Rejoice with us!

Yesterday, April 15, was a great day! And a historic one! God bless!


Gerald Bates”