Kibuye Hope Hospital has initiated the patient feeding program! This program is designed to get warm, nourishing meals to our patients. Right now patients are receiving a cup of warm Busoma porridge in the mornings. We have also been able to include some family members and caretakers in the program. Doctor Carlan Wendler says:

“Monday morning, when I walked up the hill to check on the feeding program, I was struck by how quiet the campus was. Normally at that hour all the moms and garde-du-malades (caretakers, who are often family) are outside cooking, washing, chatting and laughing. Today it was unexpectedly quiet, since everyone was inside, getting food! As I made my way past the Isolation Ward, I saw one patient family member outside sipping on his cup of Busoma.

“How is it? The Busoma?” I asked in Kirundi. “It’s great! I love Busoma.”

The refrain was the same for everyone I asked. The patients and parents were almost embarrassed by how happy they were to receive a meal in the morning from the hospital. The kids were the best. They paid no attention to this doctor-photographer and just chowed down on their porridge. Watching one little guy lean back against his momma’s belly when the cup was finished was enough to keep me smiling all day.”

As the hospital continues to grow this program will be expanded. HermanMiller Cares has funded the construction of our Busoma production facilities and is supporting our basic nutrition program through 2016. Right now we’re feeding our patients and, thanks to the heroic generosity of many individual donors, many of their caretakers as well! The program is growing and we will soon be feeding our patients three warm and nourishing meals every day. This will greatly ease the burden that is placed on caretakers and other family members.

The next major step in the growth of this program is getting our kitchen facilities finished. Our new canteen will be big enough to cook for all our patients and will also be able to serve as a cafeteria for family and other visitors. We thank the Lord for his guidance and provision so far. Please continue to pray with us for the growth and success of this ministry.